Andy Samberg returned to host the season finale of Saturday Night Live and delivered another classic SNL digital short, this time as over-hyped, over-worshipped, over-paid (aren't they all?) EDM DJ Davvincii, who asks the question, "When Will the Bass Drop?"

Davvincii looks like he just woke up in his clothes and keeps building the tension as to when the bass will truly drop while he plays Candy Crush Saga, fries an egg and tends his bonsai sand garden -- all while his finger hovers over what looks like the "EASY" button from those Office Depot ads, marked "BASS".

Get it?

Just like any good DJ, Samberg samples a plot from someone else -- a certain director who shares the last four letters of his name -- for a hilariously lethal finish.

It's a nice burn of electronic dance music -- funny because it rings true. EDM is a big deal these days, but most of it is white noise. I don't mind it, but It's what you play to tune out other things while you're doing something more important.

As for the adulation of DJ's who are pretty good at jockeying pre-recorded tracks to enthusiastic live audiences...I don't know what to say. They may produce their own stuff, and probably most do; but there's no proof of ownership because you're not watching them do anything live but spin and mix records.

You can sure dance to it until your head explodes, though.

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