Hey, I’m not here to judge anyone one their weird fetishes. As long as it’s all between consenting adults and no one is going to get hurt, do what you’re into. I guess. But if your kink is to watch a huge, furry beaver tinkle on a bunch of people who paid good money for it then you should definitely click on this video!

So. Judging by the language being spoken in the video this is a circus act somewhere in Russia or possibly one of the former Soviet satellite states. Obviously, a beaver’s natural habitat is swinging from a hoop 30 feet over the heads of a bunch of (probably) drunk Russian yokels with a glaring white-hot spotlight shining on it. How in the world could anybody have expected this animal to be so scared as to void its bladder all over the heads of the screaming crowd? Or, hell, I don’t know; maybe this was part of the show. In the U.S. if you go to the circus you expect to see clowns squirt each other with seltzer bottles. Maybe in Russia when you go to circus you EXPECT to be urinated on by a terrified aquatic mammal. Who am I to judge?

According to eyewitnesses, the people in attendance weren’t very happy. In fact, they were pissed. As far as the beaver goes, well…he didn’t give a dam!

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