No one loves going to prison but people do love a circus. Especially if there's comedy thrown into the mix. But a circus ABOUT prison? That hasn't really been done, but there IS one and it's coming to El Paso in March.

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El Paso has had their fair share of circuses come to town like the DO Portugal Circus, Cirque du Soleil, the Carden International Circus, & the Paranormal Circus in 2021.

The same people who brought the Paranormal Cirque, Cirque Italia, introduced a new theater production/circus in 2021 that's all about the infamous Alcatraz Prison called The Slammer: a comedic take about 2 best friends who get sent to Alcatraz & have to navigate through the prison running into guards & criminals on the way.

Some people posted their experiences at The Slammer online so if you're curious about what to expect, there's one video showing off some of the dancing & acrobats.

Another video shows two people doing a walk-through of the Alcatraz circus where they BECOME PART of the circus.

The Slammer will be in El Paso at Sunland Park Mall from March 24th to April 3rd & the Mesilla Valley Mall in Las Cruces, New Mexico April 7th to the 10th. It is NOT all ages however since this show is part circus with a touch of cabaret; their website says it's 18 & over show (anyone 13-17 HAS to be accompanied by an adult). The tickets start at $10 and you can get yours for the El Paso & Las Cruces show HERE.

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