Pigs may not be flying yet, but they're flying high in Washington, where one farmer has begun feeding his swine marijuana - prompting a punfest on Wednesday's Morning Show.

According to CBS News, Susannah Gross, the owner of a five-acre farm north of Seattle, has been feeding stems, roots and waste from recently-legalized marijuana plants to pigs, in order to get them to eat more and enhance the flavor of their meat.

The man who butchered the meat, told CBS "Some say the meat seems to taste more savory."

My zinger was that they-were pot-bellied pigs. Morning Show listener @KittyCommando chimed in with "wake and bacon." Other marijuana/weed puns:

  • Pot Roast
  • Smoked ham
  • Grass-Fed Pork
  • High on the hog
  • Baked ham

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