The New Mexico State Police Department has released the disturbing dashcam footage of NMSP Officer Darian Jarrott's final moments.

The video is shocking, disturbing, and traumatizing to many. The New Mexico State Police Department has just released lapel and dashcam footage of New Mexico State Police Officer Darian Jarrott's final moments. While the footage is difficult to watch, it does give more insight into what led up to Officer Jarrott's murder.

If you aren't able to watch the video it's understandable. Seeing a husband, father, and simply a human being doing his job attacked so brutally is hard to see. KRQE News in New Mexico showed only a portion of the video and it is above. If you wish to see a longer version of the video, you can see it below.

In the video you see the suspect, 39-year-old Omar Cueva being pulled over by Officer Jarrott on I-10 near Deming back in February. In the video, you can hear OfficerJarrott explaining why he pulled the man over and asking if he can take Cueva's gun for his own safety.

When the suspect gets out of the truck, you can see him preparing to discharge his weapon. As Officer Jarrott starts walking to the back of the truck, you see Cuevas lift his weapon and open fire. According to KRQE News:

"Officer Jarrott then ducked and fell onto his back as Cueva ran around the truck toward the officer. That’s when, officials say, Cueva fired several more rounds which struck and killed Officer Jarrott. Then Cueva ran toward the front of the truck and shot Officer Jarrot point-blank in the back of the head."

Department of Homeland Security officers rush in to try and help Officer Jarrott while other law enforcement vehicles begin pursuing the suspect. The video ends with the police shootout that killed Cuevas.

You can view the video below but the video is graphic.

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