Walmart has been known, in the past, to lock up some pretty ridiculous merchandise items, but the newest one takes the cake.

Walmart has a pretty extensive history of locking up merchandise items that most people would probably consider NOT theft-worthy.

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They've locked up baby formula like it was the newest PS5. They've locked up black beauty supplies, which sounds a little racist off the bat. But the newest item to go viral for being sentenced to lock-up is a pair of Walmart steaks.

Tick-Tock user @oakwood19136 video went viral this week after showing a pair of steaks he was trying to buy at a central Florida Walmart. Posting it on Monday, February 7th he initially had this to say: “Walmart now has the steak locked up. Holy shit. It’s come to this. This is getting bad now.” Thursday the video had 3.8 million views.

Here for the comments? Got You:

“Wow!!! Never thought I would ever see something like that!!”

“It’s a sad world we live in now,”

“So that’s how you get the grill marks,”

“That’s why I go to Target,”

Walmart is a regular stop for many El Pasoans each and every week, including myself. But I have yet to see any Anti-Theft system like the one in the video. Let us know what you think of keeping steaks behind bars, and if you've seen any weird things locked up at Walmart in the POLL below:




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