Walmart has announced that they will start requiring their shoppers to wear a mask in their stores across the nation. Walmart is now the largest retailer to mandate face coverings in store as coronavirus cases continue to skyrocket. The mask mandate goes into effecton Monday, July 20th and will be effective at both Walmart and Sam's Club stores. According to Walmart, they're including extra measures to enforce the face mask requirement that include signs outside the store and a "Health Ambassador" stationed near the entrance to remind shoppers about mask requirements.

If you live in the Sun City though, this isn't something new. A mandatory mask mandate in El Paso has been in motion for quire a while now. Actually, if you live in Texas this mask mandate isn't new territory either. Governor Greg Abbott issued a nearly statewide mask mandate that went into effect on July 3rd in an effort to get Texas' COVID numbers under control. I say nearly because the mandate excluded Texans living in counties with with less than 20 active coronavirus cases.

Walmart and Sam's Club are not the only ones who are now going to require face  coverings, Walgreens, Kroger, CVS and Target were also the latest to announce their new mask mandate. Currently 36 states require masks in public places (despite Georgia going the exact opposite way and banning cities to require masks). If you are in a state or county where masks aren't mandatory or you're in a county where the number of cases aren't too too, it doesn't stop individual businesses from instituting a face covering rule. It's sort of a "no shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service" kind of thinking.  You can see a list of businesses that require face masks by clicking here.

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