Some people are upset at a new service Walmart is offering that requires customers to submit photos of themselves in their undies.

I have never been a fan of trying on clothes in El Paso Walmart stores, or any store for that matter, but I don't think I would send them a picture of myself in my chonies to avoid it.

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A new service offered by Walmart allows customers to "be their own model" by sending in a pic of themselves in their tighty - whities. The service uses AI technology to allow peeps to see what clothes would look like on themselves as opposed to trying to find an online model that most closely resembles themselves.

A lot of people find the idea kinda creepy though with many expressing concerns over the photos being leaked.

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Walmart released this statement according to

The spokesperson said: "Walmart takes customer privacy very seriously. The app camera doesn't cache/store any images or metadata."

"Be Your Own Model files are encrypted at rest and in transit and we ensure that users only have access to the images that they upload."

Other folks worried about kids photos being submitted. Walmart says the feature requires users to confirm that they are at least 18 years of age or that they are using the feature under the supervision of a parent or guardian. How any of that info is actually verified wasn't mentioned in the article I read.

Personally, I agree with those who find this a little weird. There is an option to send in a photo of yourself in very tight clothing as opposed to your undies.


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