In case you have not heard the news, Inn of the Mountain Gods will soon be home to Wahlburgers, the restaurant chain owned by the Wahlberg brothers. Consisting of the chef Paul Wahlberg, and his two famous actor brothers who you may have heard of, Donnie Wahlberg & Mark Wahlberg, Wahlburgers (get it? It's their last name) is a casual dining burger restaurant and bar.

As of January 2021, there are 49 Wahlburger locations in the United States and soon, the 50th Wahlburger location will call Inn of the Mountain Gods its new home!

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Despite it being about a two hour drive away from El Paso, the news of Wahlburgers opening at Inn of the Mountain Gods, along with other delicious food spots, is worthy of a trip for all El Paso foodies.

El Pasoans and New Mexicans aren't the only ones who are excited for the opening, Mark Wahlberg himself is now sharing his thoughts on Wahlburgers opening up its first shop in New Mexico.

While doing press for his upcoming movie, "Father Stu", here is Wahlberg's shout out:

No word on whether the Wahlburger trio will be at the opening of this new Wahlburgers, but I know that once this one opens up, many El Pasoans will trek on out to Inn of the Mountain Gods and check it out!

I've only ever been to Wahlburgers once, in Las Vegas, and am quite the fan of their Double Decker with Government Cheese (that's what it says on the menu, and it's damn good). Wahlburgers offers more than burgers and I'm sure many can't wait for it to open up in June!

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