If you're like me and are looking to travel more through the Lone Star state, then maybe you'll interested in this hidden gem.

Sabine National Forest is in the pinewoods of East Texas and, according to the official website Sabine National Forest is:

...easternmost of the four national forests in Texas and forms part of the boundary between Texas and Louisiana. The forest is situated on the western slopes of the Sabine River watershed within Sabine, San Augustine, Shelby, Jasper, and Newton counties.

Now, I've never been anywhere in Texas, but I have been to other National Forests and Sabine National Forest doesn't even look like it's Texas! Check out this overview video of the forest:

Sabine National Forest looks like it offers something for everyone: fishing, boating, kayaking, swimming, hiking and camping.

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Some of the photos and videos I've come across of the forest show how lush the forest is with wildlife and it also looks like a lot of people love it- and it's super Instagram-worthy.

This doesn't even look like it's part of Texas!

A weekend getaway is in order to visit this beautiful National Forest; and it looks like it's also perfect for the whole family:

You can find out more about Sabine National Forest through this official website. And if you're also looking for other things to do outside of the forest, then check out this website's list of five things to do around the National Forest.

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