It is crazy to know that it took a good 3 minutes for the police to break up this fight Downtown! Usually, the Downtown area tends to get hostile after hours when people are courageous due to the liquid nightcap.

One witness who is also familiar with the nightlife scene sure did catch quite the match on camera! Angel Valentin not only captured each hook and kick, but filled out the description of the footage perfectly. Now you would think after separating the dudes it would stop? Nope! Guess again! One dude kept following the guy in the red shirt for the longest time around Downtown. As the guys keep walking along the road while exchanging words, the unexpected happens! The ladies who were also following the men on the road then start to get into it with one another. This was the kind of video that kept you on the edge of your seat because of so many surprises! So if you're into the whole chain reactions of fights breaking out, this video has just that. I think the ladies had it worse just because falling down to the ground in high heels is a painful experience! The last fight between the ladies sure was intense and even had me cringe! The chick in what looks to be a purple outfit pulled some insane ninja move that will make your jaw drop.

But as Angel had said, be sure to get your popcorn ready for this Union Plaza kickboxing match!

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