A family of..."individuals"...were staying at the Royalton Hotel in New York City. The Royalton is described as a swanky midtown hotel two blocks from Bryant Park. The family members, who seem to number in the dozens, were upset that two of their kids, an 18 year old and a six year old, were stuck in an elevator whose doors wouldn't open. The family dealt with the "crisis" by pulling all the fire alarms, cursing and threatening the staff, and ultimately destroying the door.

How long had the kids been stuck? A whole 10 minutes! The family had been repeatedly informed that maintenance was on the way and they should remain calm. Which they should have. If they were worried that the elevator car would suddenly drop, they shouldn't have because all elevators have mandatory automatic braking features. In fact, the only real danger would have been if the kids were exiting the elevator when it wasn't secure...you know, like if their redneck family had busted the door in when they weren't supposed to...and THEN the elevator would have dropped. That could have resulted in a messy decapitation or two.

And how, you may ask, did this video get out? Because the family recorded their childish over-reaction and posted it themselves as "evidence" of how the hotel was in the wrong.

Here's a little W.T. checklist. Feel free to tick them off as you watch the video.

  • Profanity
  • Death threats
  • Exposed Bra Straps
  • Tramp Stamp
  • Hand tats
  • NECK tats
  • Assorted trashy tattoos
  • Mohawk
  • Mullet
  • MULL-HAWK!!!
  • Back Boobs
  • Using a fire extinguisher as a makeshift crowbar

Have fun!

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