Remember the times you had a fun outing and finished the night with some grub somewhere? The worst thing that can happen to you is being at the right place at the wrong time!

Sometimes those late snack sessions with friends can turn into drama mode! I remember going to either Whataburger, Chico's Tacos, or McDonald's with friends after a night out. Sometimes my friends and I were lucky and didn't witness or be right in the middle of a chaotic mess. Then there were times we got put right in the middle of a huge brawl. It blows when you've witnessed more than one fight at a particular favorite fast food joint of yours. Hiram Ortiz experienced one chaotic night at Chico's Tacos during the late night hours. It sucks how you now have to worry about a fight breaking out and possibly coming out dead or alive after a night out. If you had to pick which late night grub spot has the most fights, who would you pick?

Take the poll below on which joint you've witnessed the most fights at.

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