Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart got to re-visit high school and compete for best student. Can you imagine reliving those days whether they were bad or good memories for you? I remember my high school days and wish I could go back to change some things. I wish I would have chosen to attend Franklin where my good friends went. I changed my direction by attending Coronado for an elementary ex-best friend and regret doing it. But if I had the chance to go back I would change A LOT of things! I would definitely not ditch so much to the point I almost didn't graduate. If you had the chance that Jimmy and Kevin had, who would you be more like out of those two? Kevin Hart reminds us of those we were annoyed by in high school. In the video above, Kevin Hart won an award for the best student over Jimmy Fallon. Give your two cents below and place your vote on who you think deserved to win the best student award.

In 15 days you will be able to see Kevin Hart at the Abraham Chavez Theatre!

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