Whenever I want to represent my hometown out of state I know where to go! There are more than a few places that sell shirts showing off the Sun City. There's one particular shirt that sold quickly and it was the one that mentions just the tip pointing to El Paso. There are other shirts that are also very creative and colorful. I enjoy all our local t-shirt shops that come up with the most creative ideas for people to wear. I would like to know where you like shopping for your t-shirts out of the places I listed in the poll below. The choices below are Chuco Relic, Viva La Mocha, Desert People, and Ill Paso. I included the other option in case I am missing one that you prefer to buy your t-shirt from. Following these local t-shirt shops on social media keeps you up to date on their new designs. If you could only pick one t-shirt shop that is your favorite, which would it be? Make your decision below in the poll!



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