Scott “the chi-chi king” Ronson has another group of lovely lady lumps for you to vote on this week. Check them out and tell us whose chi-chis deserve to be called the “Sexiest Chi-Chis of Last Week!" These Chi-Chis are almost perfect in every way.

First, we have our winner for the previous week. Orange Peel Chis recieved over 67% of the votes in last week’s poll. I would love to enjoy that Orange Juice!!


So let’s move on to the battle of the chi-chis this week.

First off is “Squishy Chis".Are you sure that aint an azz?

Up next is “Country Chis,” Reminds Ronson so much of..... What the hell was I saying?!


Our third competitor is “Imported Chis.” I could rev her Volkswagon.

Forth, we’ve got “Lace Chis,” Do I really need to explain?

Last but not least we've got "Checkers Chis". Heating up her keyboard!