New Mexico state parks are waiving their entry fees Friday so peeps have something to do other than kill each other at Wal Mart!

This Black Friday, you can either:

Spend the day fighting crowds, dealing with the shoppers version of road rage and buying crap you don't need.


You can spend the day outside with family and friends, enjoying a New Mexico state park!

All NM state parks are waiving their fees Friday. According to the Las Cruces Sun News, the closest state parks to Las Cruces are Mesilla Valley Bosque, just west of Mesilla, and Leasburg Dam near Radium Springs.

Other state parks within a three hours' drive include Pancho Villa and Rockhound close to Deming; City of Rocks between Deming and Silver City; Percha Dam, Caballo Lake and Elephant Butte Lake near Truth or Consequences; and Oliver Lee Memorial near Alamogordo.

You have to admit, a day trip sounds like a lot more fun than fighting with someone over a toaster...