El Paso Border Patrol agents helped find a missing hiker in the Guadalupe Mountains while another man, lost last summer in Big Bend, credits his survival to tadpoles.

The El Paso Border Patrol agents, members of a special search and rescue unit known as BORSTAR, worked with state police, park rangers and volunteers in the search.

Thanks to their efforts, a 71 year old hiker who was "in the wild" for 5 days, is safe and sound. The other hiker in this article was lost for 27 hours.

BORSTAR doesn't usually look for lost Americans as they specialize in finding migrants who have fallen victim to the elements.

Team members go through an intense, 3 week training program to ensure they have the knowledge and stamina to not fall victim to Mother Nature themselves.

Another hiker got lost in Big Bend National Park last Summer. He has since detailed what kept him alive ... water, a fall and tadpoles.

First, seeking shelter in an abandoned mining shack, he found a couple of bottles of water. Dirty and dusty, but still sealed, he was able to drink them and continue on.

Then he fell and broke his wrist but the fall caused him to notice a rock that had filled with rain water giving him another drink. Next, he found a puddle loaded with tadpoles which gave him something to eat.

Not exactly the tastiest thing I can think of but it kept him going long enough to be found by aircraft who then guided searchers on land.

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Texas Highways says the number of people dying while hiking has risen lately. They released some safety tips which included bringing plenty of water, salty snacks and sports drinks with electrolytes.

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