This video is hilarious but also could have been deadly.

A California couple posted surveillance video from their backyard after the wife picked up a baby rattler thinking it was her dog's toy. Ariel and Carla Rosso were in in their outdoor jacuzzi in Calabasas, California when the couple decided to head inside. After stepping out of the tub, Carla went to grab what she thought was one of his toys.

 When she picked up the toy, she told ABC 7 she knew immediately it wasn't the toy:

"I grabbed it and as I was going up, I realized it was gushy and it had a feeling to it, like a hot dog sort of. So I let it go. And for some reason I thought it was still on me."

Carla started screaming and attempted to run away. The couple called the Los Angeles Fire Department who came out and helped the family remove the snake. After the snake was gone, the couple laughed at Carla's lack of running skills and her husband decided to post the video to Youtube.

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