Vince Young hasn't played a regular season game since 2011. That year he threw 4 touchdown passes and 9 interceptions for the Philadelphia Eagles. He did play for the Bills, Packers and Browns, but never made it into a regular season game.

Apparently Young isn't done with football and is looking to make a comeback. He recently hired agent Leigh Steinberg, who announced on Twitter that Young has a "dream of playing more football". Funny how he used the word "dream" because that might be all this is. But then again, with some teams quarterback situations, he might have a better shot than you think.

Here are some teams in desperate need of a quarterback:

  • Cleveland Browns
  • Chicago Bears
  • Buffalo Bills (Not sure why. Tyrod Taylor wasn't awful, but management is ready to move on from him.)
  • New York Jets
  • San Francisco 49ers

There is one time I could see giving Young a shot, and that's the Houston Texans. They are way over their skis with that contract they gave Brock Osweiler, and Young could be a cheap alternative. And Lord knows he'd really have to suck to be worse than Osweiler.

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