A 23-year-old guy named Richard King, who was a West Point cadet, has sued Patti LaBelle and her entourage, claiming that her bodyguards savagely beat him outside Bush International Airport in Houston because -- he claims -- he was standing too close to her luggage. He also claims Patti played an active role in the attack.  Here's his story:

King says he was standing outside at the airport's passenger pickup area next to where Patti's limo was parked.  He was talking to his brother on his cell-phone and was oblivious to the fact that Patti was in the limo. Suddenly, Patti's bodyguards assaulted him.  They punched him and shoved him against a concrete pillar HARD, and he went down.  He tried to get up several times but kept falling down.

We know this because it was all caught by surveillance cameras.  King is the guy in the light-colored shirt that appears about a minute in at the bottom of the screen. Afterwards, you can also the police officers that are having their pictures taken with Patti after the incident.

King's complaint says that he suffered a concussion, but there may be another explanation:  The airport police say they smelled alcohol on his breath.  King admits he had two drinks during his flight, but denies that he was drunk. King is suing Patti because he believes she personally ORDERED the assault. As a result of this incident, King was expelled from West Point.

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