This video is apparently 15 years old.  In the hours immediately following the attacks of September 11, 2001, Donald Trump called into WWOR-TV to discuss the attacks. As the video shows, Trump couldn't go two whole minutes without turning a national tragedy into a chance to brag. Trump offhandedly boasts at the 1:40 second mark of this video that a building he owns is now "the tallest". According to Freud, he's actually fantasizing about his penis. The point is, the World Trade Center towers had just fallen.  Nobody, other than Donald Trump, cared which building was now the tallest. Any decent person would not have even had this on their mind. It's just another insight into this man's warped psyche. "Twin Towers fall? Time to make it all about ME!"

I know some people are going to claim that this shameful display is taken out of context. That's why I'm including the entire 10 minute segment so even those in the "basket of deplorables" can see that the only "context" here is that the nation was suffering it's biggest recent tragedy and Herr Drumpf couldn't even go two minutes without turning it into a chance to turn it into a pathetic "D"-measuring contest.

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