A lot of people remember what they were doing, what they were wearing, and how they were feeling on September 11. That day had us feeling the lump in our throats and pain in our chest. I remember September 11, 2001, clear as day which I was a Junior at Coronado High School.

I was heading to first period, which was in C building for English class right at 8:30 am. We all sat down and the teacher turned on the television and had us watch the news.

While we were sitting watching that horrific event, we could hear another teacher sobbing and other teachers consoling her in the hall.
My English teacher along with a few others were comforting her since her daughter worked at the World Trade Center.

That whole day was so depressing watching the towers collapse and hearing the cries in the halls. Every single class I had that day didn't focus on school work and instead watched the news for every period.

I didn't know as much then as I do now about that day. All I knew then was that it was a terrorist attack and worried our troops would go to war.

I had always wondered different things about the aftermath of that tragic day of the terrorist attack. Luckily, CNN has a timeline of facts that took place after the attack.

CNN released a ton of facts about the September 11 tragedy that took place. I was today years old when I found out it cost $750 million for the total cost of the cleanup. The labor behind cleaning up Ground Zero will leave you stunned as it did for me. It took 3.1 million hours to clean the debris.

This year things are going to be done differently since the pandemic has caused a lot of restrictions. Since no large gatherings are allowed at the moment we can all pay our respects in our own way in a safe manner.

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