It's been 12 years, but it still seems like yesterday.

September 11th, 2001 is the day America was struck in a vicious and cowardly attack.

Thousands died that day. A little bit of all of us died that day.  Thousands and thousands more have died in the war(s) since.  For better or worse, it's a far different world now than it was then; but the fighting .. and the attacks .. and the uncertainty .. and the hatred continue.

Hopefully someday .. very soon I hope .. we'll find the solution and end it all. Until then, like it or not, the fighting will continue.

Take a moment today to remember those we've lost and if you come across a member of the military, shake their hand and say thank you. They don't like the situation any more than any of us, but still they serve.  We owe them that much at least.

Never Forget.

Photo by Fabina Sbina/ Hugh Zareasky/Getty Images
Photo by Fabina Sbina/ Hugh Zareasky/Getty Images

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