El Pasoans get ready to feel attacked.

El Paso along with fellow Texas cities are being targeted by TikTokers.

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It surprised me to see that even after so many years we are still being known as a drunken city.

Many years ago I remember being a pepa and overhearing a conversation that implied there was nothing to do in El Paso hence, why they drink so much.

Since then (in 2008) there have been tons of places such as Southwest Univerisity park, waterparks, Relaxe Axe Throwing, and more.

You would think that after so many new places that have been built we would not be known as a drunken city still.

Apparently, some outsiders still consider El Paso as a bunch of drunks after watching a video on Reddit.

Otamurai shared a video displaying Texas cities and I just had to watch it.

Well, it lists the common Texas cities we have visited or at least heard of.

It first starts off by poking fun at the locals in Houston and adding additional lanes to the freeway. Another segment of the video cracks a joke about Dallas Cowboys fans' emotions.

If you want to just skip through to El Paso's part then fast forward 25 seconds into the video.

Sure, El Paso has had a few cases of intoxicated wrong-way drivers over the years.

But if anything they should have made fun of how people act like Chico's Tacos is crack.

Would you say you agree or disagree with how they're portraying El Paso? Place your opinion in the poll below if you either agree or disagree.

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