They say it takes a village to raise a child, now I'm not a parent but I'm pretty sure these people are doing it wrong. A video surfaced on YouTube of a two year old in Russia smoking a cigarette which caused not only disdain from its viewers but a police investigation.

According to, the video hails from Vladikavkaz, Russia and was uploaded by the toddler's uncle Aslan Dzavlayev. It was taken down by YouTube for violating community guidelines. In the video, the toddler takes drags of the cigarette without coughing, which probably means it wasn't the first time the toddler did that. After recieving complaints, police decided to investigate the family. Dzavleyev claimed the parents of the toddler weren't around or aware of the video and took the blame for it causing him to be fined 3,000 rubles, or around $50. Dzavlayev told REFERL that it was meant to be a joke.

The video is just short of two minutes and has at least another person laughing in the background. A report from the Daily Star says the conversation they are having has the toddler referring to people they know in derogatory terms. The legal smoking age in Russia is 18. The video below does show the toddler smoking, and I don't suggest you try it at home, viewer discretion is advised.


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