The war in Ukraine has a lot of us watching the way we drive. Oil and gas prices are skyrocketing and that means that spring break and potentially summer vacation plans might have to be put on hold. There are some stations in town that are already past the four dollar a gallon mark but most seem to be hovering around $3.50 a gallon. If you are having to put your big spring break vacation on hold and are wondering if you'll be able to swing a summer trip, take a look at these five day trips you can take that are just a couple of hours out of town.

1. Carlsbad Caverns - The caverns are really amazing and close enough that you can throw everyone in the car in the morning and be back before mid afternoon. From the walk down through the biggest dang hole in the earth that you've ever seen to the amazing rock formations, there is something that will wow ever member of your family. Take the self-guided tour so you don't have to be in a large tour group and can take your time to walk through. Carlsbad Caverns website.

2. Dripping Springs - If you think you need to head to the mountains to see some greenery, check out Dripping Springs, a gorgeous spot just outside of Las Cruces by the Organ Mountains. There are hiking trails to explore and really beautiful scenery to enjoy. There is a $5 per car entrance fee, and if you go, take a 5 dollar bill because they don't make change. The Springs are lovely all year long, but during the summer monsoon season, they are spectacular. Dripping Springs Visitor Center 575.522.1219.

3. Alamogordo - The Museum of Space History. The International Space Hall of Fame. The Hubbard Space Science Research Building. The New Horizons Dome Theater and Planetarium. You could spend the entire day in Alamagordo and be back before the sun goes down. All of these are located in the New Mexico Museum of Space History. It's old school but very hands on for the kiddos. They also have the theater and planetarium that will totally blow you away with the movies and programs. A definite must see. New Mexico Space History museum website.

4. Old Mesilla - This square with quaint shops and really good restaurants was once the stomping grounds of Billy the Kid. Check out the Double Eagle that is said to be super haunted and has one of the most beautiful bars in the southwest. Definitely Instagrammable.

5. White Sands - Huge dunes of white gypsum is a spectacular sight, day and night. You can check out the Sands during the day, but take lots of water and be aware that the heat can be deadly even in the winter and spring. There are also various nighttime events during the spring and summer that are fun and educational. If you want some amazing Instagram pics, White Sands is the way to go.

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