Growing up in the 915 I constantly heard the same old complaint: "There's nothing to do here." Without realizing what was truly outside my four walls at home, I joined in on the complaining. While, at 15 with no license it was true, it's now that I'm older that I appreciate what the Sun City has to offer.

El Paso is a city that you either love or hate, there's no in between. I have many friends who have moved to bigger cities and wish they could come back to El Paso; but I also have friends who've moved away and have no interest in coming back. While sometimes I dream of life in a different city, and some people may think that staying in El Paso means you're forever "stuck" here, I'm pretty happy with the life I've made here.

Many people outside of EP also have lots of love for the 915. This includes popular YouTube Channel "World According to Briggs." His videos are popular for when you're traveling to different cities/states; he's basically giving you a heads up! His video titled "Top 10 Reasons NOT to Move to El Paso" has over 150,000 views with 2.4K likes and 1.2K dislikes. The comment section is LIT UP with reasons why Briggs is wrong. One of his reasoning's to not move to El Paso is, of course, the heat! Check out the video below and let us know, do you agree?

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