If it weren't for Covid-19 wrecking our summer plans some of us could have been seeing Deftones tonight. Deftones Summer Tour 2020 was canceled due to Covid-19. I have to admit I was extremely bummed about them canceling but relieved a bit. I was only relieved because I wouldn't have been able to enjoy myself or the concert. But in all honesty, I still probably wouldn't have attended knowing how lethal and deadly Covid-19 really is. Well, today is the day some of us would be watching the Deftones at Isleta Amphitheater. But due to this pandemic, Deftones made some changes to protect the safety of others. Today some of us would be on our way to Albuquerque, New Mexico to watch Deftones right now. Unfortunately, that isn't the case anymore but doesn't mean we can't have a Deftones concert of our own.

Tonight I would have been in Albuquerque watching Deftones and going wild with my buddies Rob and Chris. So today I am sporting my Deftones gear in honor of what today would have been if it weren't for Covid-19. Also, just because some of us can't see them live doesn't mean we can't have our very own Deftones concert. So what I did was create my own little pretend concert of putting together a playlist of Deftones songs above. The songs above are some of my very favorites from Deftones I wish I could have heard tonight. I saved the best for last so my last two songs on the playlist would be the ones they play when the crowd screams for more. So just because Covid-19 canceled the band's summer tour doesn't mean you can't have a Deftones concert of your own at home. The band has already rescheduled their tour for next year. So until September 11, 2021, we can fully enjoy the real Deftones concert experience safely.

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