Matt Sorum of Velvet Revolver told The Pulse of Radio that the band has found someone they like to replace Scott Weiland, but it's still too early to make any definite statements.

"We got somebody that were really liking a lot," he said. "We cant make the announcement yet because were dating, you know. We havent consummated the relationship, we havent sat down this gentleman and made the agreement together, but were very excited and I think this could be a real turning point for the band. And I know its been like this long-winded oh, VELVET REVOLVER this, VELVET REVOLVER that, you know — were tired of it, believe me. But we dont have the ability to just jump out there with any singer. We cant do it."


Taking things slowly might be a good idea, to make sure this guy will show up and play, not get too wasted, arrive on time...these guys haven't had the best experiences with vocalists.

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