Do you even lift, girl?

Kim Anami has established a fascinating way for women to practice a different type of sexual health. As an intimacy coach, Anami owns 'vaginal weightlifting.' She can pick up items with her vagina with the help of a lifting device.

This lifting device is shaped like an egg and made of jade. That device allows women to connect objects to it that they chose to life. Anami has a specific way of picking up items, "When I’m considering objects to lift, I aim to find pieces that are indigenous to the local region and culture," Anami told Mashable via email.

She believes women should be proud of the power that is in between their legs and wants to help them learn how to enhance that power. Women can stay active and improve their sexual health by practicing what Anami dubs as 'vagina kung fu'. She shows off her control of power on her Instagram account. For those of you who want to practice or those men who want to share this with the women in their lives, check out all the images you can by following the hashtag #thingsILifeWithMyVagina. You go, girl!