UTEP students have been nominated for several awards but, they need a little help getting to the awards ceremony!

UTEP journalism students, working with The Prospector, have been nominated for several journalism awards. They have to pay their own way to the awards ceremony in Washington DC though so, they've created a Go Fund Me account. Here are the basic details:

  • WHO are we: College journalism students from UTEP.
    WHAT are we asking for: Partial funding for our flights, hotel, and other miscellaneous expenses, while we attend the 2016 College Media Awards.
    WHEN are we attending: From October 19th - 23rd
    WHERE are we going: Washington, D.C.
    WHY are we attending: To attend the awards banquet, where we are nominated for multiple awards. Also, to network with possible future employees.
    HOW? With your help!

If you can help, please click here!