Tons of students sit on UTEP's union balcony during breaks but that might change after this accident.


A Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity member fell from the third floor balcony of the Union East Building, landing on the middle of the second floor staircase during one of their Greek life meetings. Witnesses said he leaned a little too far back, which led him to falling and he was still conscious after the fall.

Paramedics and the University police responded to the accident and took the student to the Las Palmas Medical Center. No other information has been released. We wish this student a speedy recovery and hopefully returns to school soon.

Students are now wondering if UTEP should fix the ledge to avoid future accidents. They believe adjustments to make the ledges safer would prevent anymore accidents. I am still waiting for them to fix up the Liberal Arts building. The stairs are what I think are way more dangerous!  We will see if UTEP does anything about this accident but what would you do?