The Texas Legislature passed the "campus carry” bill on May 31, which allows licensed holders to carry concealed handguns on public college campuses — but included a caveat that lets college presidents designate “gun-free zones.” Texas Governor Greg Abott signed the bill, which will take affect on Aug. 1, 2016. One UTEP professor is protesting this bill by posting a "no guns allowed" sign and stating his strong opinion on the issue to local media.

UTEP journalism professor David Smith-Soto spoke to KFOX about his stance on the guns on campus: "I was outraged, we don’t need guns in the classroom. I don’t want guns in my classroom.” He believes students can snap at anytime and would possibly use the gun during that situation.

All Texas campuses have to submit a campus carry policy before 2016, so there is a chance Smith-Soto could make a difference in the way students will be able to carry guns. No matter what happens, he will continue to have that sign on display -- Smith-Soto plans to keep his “no guns allowed” sign up even if his building will allow guns in the new campus carry policy.