Students struggling with UTEP's new online course policy can choose an "S" or "U" as their grade and not worry about its effect on their GPA.

Thanks to the COVID 19 pandemic, UTEP has switched to online courses and many students have not found the transition to be an easy one.  Consequently, many courses have proven more difficult to pass than they should have been and student grades are suffering. Students expecting an "A" based on their hard work and knowledge of their given subjects, many students are finding themselves with "B", "C" or even "D" averages. While these are still passing grades, they can really wreak havoc on the students' overall GPA, hence the new policy.

Students have from now through May 7th to request a grade of "S", (satisfactory), or "U", (unsatisfactory). This basically means the student either passed or failed the course based on the instructors' findings and allows those that pass to earn credit for the course(s) and move on with no damage to their overall GPA.

According to UTEP students who want to do this must complete the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grade Mode Form and submit it to using their Miners email.

UTEP has also extended the "drop" date to May 7th. Students dropping courses this Spring will receive a grade of "W" and Spring 2020 drops will not apply to the 6 drop limit.

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