If you would like to make some extra cash on the side, UTEP Event Staff is hiring. Making a little extra cash on the side can be fun when you work for UTEP Event Staff. They're looking to hire part-timers at the Sun Bowl stadium this season. Some side gigs you have worked at in the past can be boring or stressful. But working at the Sun Bowl stadium is none of those things and is a fun gig for that extra cash. So if you have been searching for a part-time job look no further and apply. My friend's mom once worked for the UTEP Event Staff and she said it was so much fun. She enjoyed the atmosphere of being playful with the paying customers she took care of. She even said she met people who lived outside of El Paso who came to support the other team.

It is a fun part-time job to have on the weekend that is for the UTEP Football season. There are different positions you can be considered for if you work for the UTEP Event Staff. There are a variety of part-time positions you can apply for at the Sun Bowl. You can apply for checking bags, parking lot patrol, field security, locker room security, perimeter protection, and more. If you would like to be considered for a part-time position you can fill out an application. So if you're wanting to be productive on Saturdays while making extra cash consider being a part of the UTEP Event Staff and apply.

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