We're back with a brand new episode of "What the Buzz" podcast. This new episode, sponsored by Coffee House of Hel, is available now and titled "A Core Memory Unlocked". You can find the episode wherever you find your podcasts, and of course it's easily accessible through through KLAQ.com on the Listen Live feature.

Halloween is upon us on this new episode and Emily and I are ready for anything and everything this year's All Hallows Eve throws at us; which is good because things in our city are not good. El Paso has been making national headlines due to the surge in cases. Each day we're reaching new highs and have a high hospitalization rate. The situation is dire enough that our local officials have implemented a curfew. At the time of this writing our officials are also fighting on whether the complete shutdown our County Judge implemented is valid. The news about that shut down came after we recorded this episode.

Because Halloween is different this year, trick-or-treating has been discouraged in El Paso which leads us into a discussion on "how old is too old for trick-or-treating". We also bring up this post our co-worker Lisa did last year on the best side of town for trick-or-treating that caused a hell of a lot of controversy. Despite the complete shutdown of events, trick-or-treating and the curfew in place, Emily and I are still excited for Halloween. While Emily doesn't have concrete plans for this year, she does have some great (well, maybe not great but definitely scary) memories of Halloween when she was younger. I also share why "Scream" is my favorite scary move.

Check out the newest episode of "What the Buzz" sponsored by Coffee House of Hel, the newest horror themed coffee shop in El Paso located at 2200 Lee Trevino, suite B3b. You can find the new episode, "A Core Memory Unlocked", wherever you get your podcasts.

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