If there’s two things Texas loves, it’s music & claiming world records for ourselves. We’ve talked about a couple of world records that were set in Texas; but here are some focused around MUSIC. Here are 5 music world records set in Texas, BY Texans.

Starting with a local favorite:

World’s Youngest Music Producer – Back in 2016, Brandon Bailey Johnson broke the Guinness World Record of being the youngest professional music producer at just the young age of 13 years. And if you’re wondering WHERE Brandon is from, why he was from right here in El Paso.

World’s Youngest Mariachi Singer – 7 year old Mateo Lopez from San Antonio was dubbed the youngest mariachi singer by the Guinness World Records in this year of 2022. You can see his singing on this video from USA Today.

World’s Largest Bass Drum

As a drummer, I can say with sheer honesty… I NEED THIS DRUM. It's name is Big Bertha II; a 9.5 ft tall, 55 inch wide bass drum created by the University of Austin. Bertha made its debut to the world on October 15th during the Texas/Iowa State University game of this year.

But where’s Big Bertha I? Well it’s retired after 100 years in service. Now BB2 is the current record holder.

Most Crowded Rap Song

Houston’s Barron Studios broke the record for “Most crowded rap songin 2016; with over 300 different artists rapping on one track. 115 Verses and 5 hours later… the song was complete. The song used to be available on the studio's Soundcloud page but it's not there anymore. However the record IS recognized by Guinness so it belongs here.

World’s Largest Playable Electric Guitar

If I talked about singing & drumming, I HAVE to talk about guitars. And Texas as TWO guitar records; one being the largest PLAYABLE electric guitar. Made at the Conroe ISD’s Academy of Science & Technology outside of Houston; this 43.5 ft long & 16 wide guitar made to look like a 1967 Gibson Flying V IS totally functional. Another guitar related record is the world's longest guitar solo broken by an Austin guitar player. We've covered in a previous article which you can see right HERE.

It weighs just over a ton & it currently sits inside the National GUITAR Museum today. However I’m sure there are many rock stars who want their hands on this behemoth…

Here's to seeing MORE world records broken by Texas in the future.

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