Texas loves food & we love breaking world records. So combining the two seems like a match made in foodie Heaven. Especially if it involves the delicious blend of graham crackers, chocolate & marshmallows aka... a delicious fluffy smore. Texas loves making their own s'mores recipes (like the Texas S'mores), or by creating their own s'mores creations (like the Texas S'mores Cookie Bars). So Texas certainly loves showing their appreciation for the delicious treat. In fact one particular North Texas town wants to show their appreciation even further; Grapevine, Texas wants to attempt to breaking a world record for most people making s'mores simultaneously.

George Pagan III via Unsplash
George Pagan III via Unsplash

Who is the current record holder for most people making smores?

The current Guinness world record was set on August 10, 2018; 801 smores were all created by the Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee in Brentwood, Tennessee. The previous record was set in Rocklin, California exactly 2 years earlier in 2016.

Now Texas wants to throw their hat into the ring to break the record

As it was revealed by D Magazine, a Dallas based magazine, a Grapevine company, Solo Stove, told the magazine about their hopes to break the world record for most people making smores at the same time. According to their PR rep, they are hoping to gather enough people (and with enough fire pits) on July 22nd at The Chicken N Pickle in Grapevine.

The story would further be covered on the WFAA 8 news station where they would give more details: people can register at 6pm & then the cooking will start at 6:45pm. And everyone attempting to break the record must be at 12 years of age or older.

So if you want to attempt this record in Texas, now's the time to start planning.

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