Imagine bowling under the sea; full of sharks and shipwrecked parts. Well you could have done that at Uncle Buck's Fish Bowl and Grill- before it shut down!

I thought I had discovered a cool restaurant in Harlingen, Texas, but instead I was disappointed to find out that is has been permanently closed for quite some time now! This was Uncle Buck's Fish Bowl and Grill- and it looked like it was a heck of a fun time!

The place looked like it was awesome. Shark heads in the bowling lanes, food and probably one of the coolest cocktails that goes perfect with any ocean themed restaurant; a giant fishbowl!

The reviews to Uncle Buck's Fish Bowl and Grill seemed decent; many said the service was good, the food was decent and the atmosphere was fun. From one Yelp review:

The Fish Bowl is a hidden gem. The decor ( which is recreating the bottom of the sea with aqua walls and nets hanging from the ceiling) is very soothing with enormous aquarium filled with tropical fish in the bar area. Great service and i enjoyed very much my fresh salad & scrumptious nachos.

So why did it end up closing? That, I could not find the answer to; but I think we have COVID to blame. Like many other businesses during the height of the pandemic, Uncle Buck's closed for the safety of their employees and customers and it looks like it never opened up again- much like many businesses we lost.

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Which is a shame because it looks like it was so much fun; it looks like it was a Dave & Buster's only ocean themed!

The business may have closed but the memories have lived on; hopefully someone could open something similar to Uncle Buck's Fish Bowl and Grill soon!

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