Texas has topped a list of most expensive cities for chicken wings!

Texas tops list of expensive chicken wing cities
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According to Betway, two Texas cities are deemed a city with the most expensive chicken wings.

When it comes to wings, I can honestly say I LOVE them! I think they're perfect for any occasion. However, I have noticed- and I'm sure many others have also noticed- chicken wing prices have kind of gotten way too high! I can certainly understand- the last few years have been crazy; and poultry has been just a casualty of supply chain issues, among other things.

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So it really came as no surprise to me that Texas topped this list; although I was a little shocked to see that my city was at the top of the list!

According to Betway, Austin and El Paso, Texas have the most expensive wing prices, with the average six wing piece costing $18.96 in Austin and $13.63 in El Paso! That's just for a six piece!

Right now, in the Sun City, if you want a six piece from Wing Stop, it'll cost you $12.59. And at El Paso's favorite wing place, Track One, a small order of wings, which come with five, you're looking at $11.99.

Instagram User trackonelpaso
Instagram User trackonelpaso

You can check out how Betway came up with this ranking here.

Although it may seem a bit exorbitant, you have to admit, the wings are worth it. And despite the ranking, El Paso has a lot of wing places to choose from- especially some great local places to support.

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