As of right now, El Paso is done with the wintery conditions. The snow lasted a beautiful three days- it melted, and now we're starting to see the sun shine through the clouds. Meteorologist Nichole Gomez, of our partner station KVIA, is predicting we'll be back in the 60's and 70's by this weekend. It was nice while it lasted. That is not the case for our friends elsewhere in Texas.

The rest of Texas is still covered in a deep freeze. We weren't hit as hard as the rest of Texas because we're not part of ERCOT, which you can read all about here. And no, frozen wind turbines are not the cause of outages across Texas. Our friends in Houston, San Antonio, Abilene, San Angelo and really anywhere else in Texas are on day five of rolling blackouts, unsure of when power will be fully restored.

Now, Texans are sharing videos and photos of what life has been like these last few days, and it's really heart breaking. Much like Lisa's sister in Austin, many are experiencing pipe bursts.

This photo looks like it's directly from the movie "The Day After Tomorrow"

At first, it was pretty humorous how cold it got in Texas.

But then, things got worse.

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People began losing electricity and water. Not even pets were safe.

Suffice it to say, Texas was not ready! Just look at this video to see exactly how unprepared Texas is for this type of weather!

But, this is Texas and we got some tough and innovative people out here.

As Texans, we're of course always conscious of our neighbors.

And as rolling blackouts continue throughout Texas, more want answers from our leaders.



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