The cold snap that has hit Texas was much bigger than anticipated. All throughout the Lone Star State, residents are experiencing rolling blackouts, or in the case of Lisa's sister- pipe bursts. The snow, ice and freezing temperatures are something that many of us Texans aren't used to.

More freezing weather and dangerous travel conditions were predicted in the coming days. Most of us here in El Paso have been saved of the blackouts; however, the El Paso Police Department did report that they responded to 204 traffic accidents on Sunday morning alone.

It's so rare that we see this type of weather that it's understandable that we freak out in it- making us the target of ridicule from northerners. I'm sure many of us have heard laughter from someone up north when we complain about the cold. So when this snow hit us in the south, many of us didn't know what to do- and Texas became a laughing stock to some up north. However, there were a select few who decided to help us out.

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TikTok user Ben Hughes decided to help us out, instead of laugh at us, and give us some possibly life saving advice during this winter!

Not only was he giving us tips, people in the comments were also giving us their best tips to help us during this winter storm. It was quite refreshing to see a northerner take the southern snow storm seriously and not call us dramatic or laugh.

Some of his best advice is for southerners out on the road- because let's admit it- the driving situation gets a little out of hand here in El Paso when it snows.

Ben has ten videos all together in this series- which you can check out here, and below are some of the best ones. Tell a friend to save a life!

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