Is midget okay to say for this? I'm not sure. But I also have the same philosophy Bill Burr does when it comes to the word midget.

Although there was one time I was at a wrestling event and used the word midget and couldn't tell if this one guy really wanted to kick my ass or not. Either way, I didn't want to find out. I've also heard stories about a time in El Paso, there was a midget wrestling group in town and one of the guys asked if he could staple his n#tsack to the ring. Umm, no, there were kids there.

Anyway, enough ADD. This is actually a sad story because two people lost their lives. Basically Mexican authorities are saying two midget wrestlers have died and they are performing autopsies to find the cause of death. But the two men were last seen with a couple of women, and the women could be a part of a gang of women who use drugs to knock out their victims and rob them. The cause of death right now, is that the two men were drugged to death.