Carlsbad Caverns is getting some love on national TV tomorrow and now, 2 other cities near El Paso were named on a Smithsonian list of cool small towns.

As I wrote earlier, the National Park Service is celebrating it's centennial anniversary.  Inspired by that, the Smithsonian has released a list of the best small towns located near national parks so you can find even more to see and do!

For Texas, it's Alpine!  Located a few hours east of El Paso, Alpine made the list due to it's proximity to Big Bend National Park. Trust me though, there's plenty more to do there including the McDonald Observatory and the Fort Davis historical site.

For New Mexico, Cloudcroft got the nod! Just outside of Alamogordo, Cloudcroft sits about 9,000 feet above the desert floor. That means the temperature's much cooler, they have a really awesome haunted hotel you can visit and, it's very close to White Sands National Park.

Both excellent motorcycle trips by the way!

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