Many parents and students are struggling with virtual learning during the pandemic and two Coronado High seniors want to help. Since the beginning of the pandemic, parents and students have been struggling to try to successfully navigate the new learning environment. Instead of being taught in-person, students are not only trying to figure out how to work the technology of a virtual classroom, but also the material being taught. Parents are frustrated and students are having trouble keeping up with their classmates and struggling to figure out what to do. Two Coronado High School seniors noticed how students in their grade and below were struggling and decided they wanted to help.

Jordan Katz and Hamzeh Hamdal started STEP (Student Tutors of El Paso) back in March, volunteering their time tutoring fellow students who were struggling through virtual learning. Now more than six months later, they've grown STEP into an organization with over 25 academically successful students tutoring peers from the 3rd grade to the 12th grade. Students are able to log on to the easy website and get tutoring in subjects like math, science, English, and more. Katz and Hamdan say they have seen students can learn better from fellow students than older tutors and wanted to give them another option to help.

To apply for tutoring through the program, please visit the Student Teachers of El Paso website and click the Tutoring Options tag. To learn more about Jordan Katz and Hamzeh Hamdan please visit this article at the El Paso Independent School District website.

EPISD students who struggle with virtual learning and need tutoring can take a big STEP for help.

STEP, or Student...

Posted by Official El Paso Independent School District on Wednesday, September 9, 2020

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