This may be a little bit of short notice but start saving what you can now for that next tattoo. There is going to be another tattoo event happening in the borderland next month.

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So calling all tattoo fanatics who are itching for new ink get your body and wallet ready. Not only that, but you know it is crunch time since you also have to think about what you plan your next tattoo will be like.

Not sure if you heard the word on the streets but The Edge of Texas Tatto Expo will have its second run. Make sure you have your calendars marked for August 12, 13, and 14 next month so you don't miss the tattoo expo.

We all know that the tattoo expo is there to help spread an artist's unique artistic work around. Plus, it also helps someone find what could end up being their new tattoo specialist for years to come.

If you would like to attend The Edge of Texas Tattoo Expo it will be held at the same place it was last year. It is 1600 Airway blvd. Marriott El Paso where you will find tons of local tattoo artists ready and waiting to poke you.

So let this be your somewhat early warning to prepare yourself for that new ink you've been waiting to get. If you would like to know the categories for this year just check it out on their Instagram page here. You will also see some familiar faces who will be a part of the tattoo expo next month.

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