When we talked about red light cameras on the show this morning, I JOKINGLY said people ought to go take 'em out. (I don't like those things, but I'm not advocating violence.) Coming from the Land of Enchantment, after watching this video maybe it's a New Mexico thing. Check out this old man in Santa Fé who decides to shoot up an unmanned radar station! Nice nightgown, Wilford Brimley!

I heard a rumor once that Brimley had a place in Santa Fé. After seeing this man fire a few rounds at an unmanned radar SUV in Santa Fe, I think I believe that rumor. Wilford probably went back home, had some Quaker Oats and went to sleep. "Glad I got that out of my system."


I spent a decade in Albuquerque and, as weird as it can be, there are two cities New Mexicans know to be weirder than the rest -- Española, land of the $30,000 low-riders and $12,000 double-wides, and Santa Fé, the City Different.

You know a city's pretentious when they put the adjective after the noun. But for all of Santa Fé's snooty, wine-sipping, earth-toniness, there's also a mix of Old West types. Whoever this guy really is, he's obviously mad as hell and he ain't gonna take it anymore! Probably got a ticket from this radar station and couldn't sleep until he took it out on his unmanned antagonist.

Very "Lonely Are the Brave". Very New Mexico.