Thursday of this week is National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. November 15th was chosen as a good day to give the ol’ icebox a good scrubbing because, with Thanksgiving coming up, you’re going to need some extra space…first for the turkey and trimmings and THEN for all the leftovers.

We have a mini-refrigerator in the Buzz studio of our set-up. We don’t know what is causing the stench that is coming from the fridge but we do know that it is likely a direct hazard to our health. Possibly something spore-based. As you will see in the video below, opening the door of our mini-fridge even for just a few seconds is enough to render the entire room virtually uninhabitable.

Someone is going to have to clean out this toxic fridge. We decided to settle it like men. With a trivia contest.

We recruited as our host comedian and one of the Original Latin Kings of Comedy, Joey Medina. We though Joey would be good for the job for a couple of reasons. One, he is a writer for an actual TV game show called "Funny You Should Ask."
Two, he’s a New Yorker so he’s used to overpowering stenches.

Who will have to clean out the nastiest box this side of Beavers Nudie Bar in Amarillo? Let’s go to the video and find out!


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