Thanksgiving is only a week away and the upcoming holiday will bring about a couple of changes in trash pickups, Sun Metro routes, and some other city services.

Trash collection schedules for the Thanksgiving holiday and the following "Black" Friday will be modified and office hours will also be changed for the holiday. According to the schedule posted on the environmental services website, their offices will be closed November 26th - 28th, and pickup times modified.

The holiday schedule for impacted customers is as follows:
November 23, 2020: Blue bins, and only blue bins, will be collected. November 23, 2020: Blue bins, and only blue bins, will be collected.
November 30, 2020: Gray bins, and only gray bins will be collected.

Sun City Metro will also be altering its schedule and one of the changes is going to be a semi-permanent one. There will be no service Thanksgiving and ... starting Sunday, December 6th ... Sunday routes will be canceled completely for the immediate future. This is being done for the holiday as well as being a safety precaution to help slow the spread of COVID 19 and as a result of decreased passenger numbers. You can learn more here.  Gas, water, and power offices will be closed but, emergency crews will be available should a need for them arise.

It will be business as usual of course for emergency services such as Emergency Medical response units, the El Paso Police Department, the El Paso Sheriff's Office, and the El Paso Fire Department.


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